Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Mao Shan Wang

Can I order using kg instead of per box?

As we will not know the quality of the durian until we open it up, it is only possible for us to sell our durian per box since we guarantee taste preference. You can also be assured of the weight of the durian flesh you will be receiving.

Will I receive flesh from multiple Mao Shan Wang or just from 1 Mao Shan Wang fruit in each box?

Due to our stringent QC and exclusion of overly dry, overly wet, potato flesh, imperfections, burnt seeds; an average- sized Mao Shan Wang will not fill up a box and will comprise of multiple Mao Shan Wangs as long they are of the same taste profile.

For my order of Mao Shan Wang, what is the delivery timing and is it confirmed?

Our Mao Shan Wang come fresh from Pahang daily and the arrival timing might differ from day to day due to multiple factors. We will be in contact with you on delivery day and will advise you on the delivery timing. However, your order can only be confirmed after the durian arrives in Singapore and have been opened for QC.

When should I order my Mao Shan Wang?

As we usually have a lengthy pre-order list, it is advised to order at least 1 week in advance. We will contact you via Whatsapp to confirm your scheduled delivery date and time slot.

I would like durian for my party and need it on a specific date!

Do order ahead of time! Also, as we will not know the quality of the fresh durian until we open it up, we can only confirm your delivery on the day itself. For parties or important dates, do let us know and place your delivery for 1 to 2 days before your party. We can have it sealed and it can be stored safely in the fridge.

Why are there big seed and small seed durian?

It is normal for a durian tree to bear both big- seed fruit and small- seed fruits. The size of the seed does not affect the taste and texture of the durian flesh. For boxes with bigger seed, we would add more durian inside and label it with a “Big Seed Alert” sticker in order to ensure satisfaction!

Questions about Delivery

What happens if I am not home for the scheduled delivery?

We will be in contact on the day of delivery to update you on a narrower delivery time slot e.g. 2pm to 3pm. If the driver has reached your doorstep and there is no one to receive, they will ask for permission to leave it at your doorstep. If required, you may request for a re-delivery at a fee.

Questions regarding Gifting

Can I add a message for my gift?

Definitely! Do Whatsapp us at 81868552 if you would like to attach a message for your gifts!

Questions in General

Is there other ways that I can order without using the webpage?

Feel free to Whatsapp us at 81868552! We can take your order directly from there.

Can I have my order sent to multiple locations?

Do feel free to Whatsapp us at 81868552! We can take your order directly from there.