Durian Bundle


Fresh from the hills in Pahang, the durians are delivered to Singapore daily! Each durian will be opened and then inspected in our kitchen. Only durian flesh that has passed our internal QC will be packed into boxes for our customers. Each box is carefully weighed to ensure a minimum of 680g each. If the seeds contained are on the larger side, we will keep it fair by serving a heavier box!

Bundle Options:

1 D24 + 2 MSW @ $128

3 MSW @ $195

2 D24 + 4 MSW @ $238

Please note min. 1 day advance notice required for Fresh Durian & delivery only available from 7pm-11pm!

Alternatively, WhatsApp us to place an order for Fresh Durian!



  • For corporate/bulk purchases or multiple locations do feel free to Consult Us
  • For more information about Delivery pleaseĀ  Click Here


  1. For fresh durian, minimum of 2 boxes for free delivery, else $8 islandwide.
  2. For dessert gift bundle, it comes with free delivery, else $8 islandwide.
  3. For mooncake, minimum 3 boxes for free delivery, else $8 islandwide and $20 for specific delivery date and time.
  4. For Ala carte orders, a minimum of $65 before free delivery.
  5. We are serious about food safety! This is why all frozen items are delivered with dry ice to ensure that it reaches your house safe to be kept in the freezer!
  6. For cake orders, we need a minimum of 3 working days in order to ensure there is enough slot on delivery day for it to be freshly made!
  7. Handling of Dry Ice
    Do be careful of dry ice as they are extremely cold, on contact it can harm your skin. We advise customers to wear insulated gloves and pour out the dry ice in a well-ventilated area so it can sublimate safely.
  8. Fresh durian quality control
    As we keep to a strict level of quality control, there might be unfortunate period where durian simply do not pass our stringent QC. On such days we might have to postpone your order and will be in contact with you.
  9. Self collection
    Self collection is available at our main store 134 Jurong Gateway Road #01-303A. For additional and point of contact, do Whatsapp us at 81868552.